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Insulating Ceramic Coating

SuperTherm is a water-based paint, developed with the help of ceramic engineers from Marshall Space Center. Heavily tested for over 2 years, the three ceramic compounds ultimately chosen were selected from over 600 according to their ability to reflect heat and their non-conductive properties. Together the ceramics provide insulative effectiveness through uniformity. The four resins used offer a vehicle for the ceramics, as well as flexibility, durability, and heat-resistance. The combination of acrylic resins and ceramics delivers a coating that can reflect heat and fire, and withstand the elements for a minimum of 30-40 years. The coating dries to a very tough surface, yet can endure a 180-degree bend without cracking.

SuperTherm is easily applied by spraying, roller or brush, making it a very cost-effective product that can insulate in areas not attainable by standard insulation, and can enhance or replace those existing materials. Where batt and poly-foams types of insulation will absorb moisture that reduces their effectiveness, SuperTherm is impervious. The coating provides corrosion protection and reduced maintenance for 3-4 times the normal surface life span, and can insulate industrial equipment and facilities, commercial structures, or residential housing. SuperTherm saves energy, provides longer life to properties and offers comfort.

Given its ease of installation and multi-purpose applications, this innovative coating has yielded significant cost savings and other benefits for the construction, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and distribution industries.

The applications for SuperTherm are numerous and include:

  • Cost-effective insulation of any wall and roof surfaces
  • Insulation for freight distribution and shipping containers
  • Maintaining ambient temperature of livestock shelters
  • Encapsulation and abatement of more hazardous insulation materials

Unlike competing formulas that provide only a reflective coat, SuperTherm is a true insulating paint composed of four different types of ceramics providing both reflective properties and significantly reduced conduction of heat and cold. Other elastomeric reflective coatings typically have only one acrylic and a single reflective ceramic. SuperTherm's two reflective ceramics reflect sunlight and radiant heat while the third ceramic compound works to stop heat and/or cold conduction through the coating film. A fourth ceramic layer blocks almost all infrared. SuperTherm can withstand exposure to temperatures of 600 degrees Fahrenheit without deterioration, and up to 1600 degrees with additional mil thickness.

SuperTherm ceramics are not the rough multifaceted type found in other coatings, but instead are ground to form microscopic spheres. The spherical shape permits the four types of ceramics to settle tightly together, creating an impermeable "plated" surface, and restricting airflow between the ceramic layers.


Formulated with a combination of two acrylic resins and one urethane, SuperTherm offers durability unmatched in the current market along with the flexibility to meet the stresses of contraction and expansion without cracking or breaking down. The combination of water-borne acrylics provides elasticity and toughness while the urethane binds the acrylics and compounds, also providing a moisture barrier. The fourth resin additive makes the blend of resins bond together into a single component, thereby extending the longevity and ultra-violet stability of the coating.

Since SuperTherm is not affected by moisture and humidity, unlike other batt or foam types of insulation, the coating maintains its insulation effectiveness over a minimum of 10 years of service. Compared to conventional insulation SuperTherm is safe, more efficient, longer lasting, easier to apply, and it can be used to encapsulate other dangerous insulation materials.

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