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Liquid Reinforcement Coating

Rust Grip® is a metallic-based, moisture-cure polyurethane encapsulating coating that will coat over most surfaces to seal them up against further corrosion, weathering, and physical wear. Rust Grip® is a three-coats-in-one system that acts as a primer, intermediate, and topcoat in one.

In its design, Rust Grip®will apply over a surface, find the pores of the surface and immediately fill them. Within an hour of application, it will begin its cure cycle. During this cure cycle, it will pull moisture from the air and begin to microscopically swell within the individual pores as it hardens. This process anchors the coating and seals against any possibility of air, moisture, or any minerals attacking the surface causing any further corrosion of any kind.


  • Excellent for minimally prepared surfaces, ie. No sandblasting
  • Protects steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, fibreglass, lead-based paints, polyurethane foam, and other coatings.
  • Extremely tough, it makes an excellent floor coating.
  • Submergible in 100% nitric acid without any effects. Designed to withstand acids, salts and caustics with no loss of strength.
  • Rated as a Class A fire coating. In case of fire, Rust Grip® will help to prevent spread of, and will not contribute to, the burn.
  • EPA Regulated for encapsulation of lead-based paints and asbestos.
  • Prevents mold and mildew from forming.
  • USDA approved for use in and around food preparation areas.
  • 15+ year lifespan on roofing under normal conditions.
  • Strengthens Surfaces - 3wk to 6780 psi (473 bar)


  • Corrosion and weathering protection. Rust Grip® is UV-controlled and is not affected by hostile environments.
  • Overcoat rusted areas to stop and control corrosion activities. Rust Grip® will seal out any contact with moisture and air or chemical pollutants that breed corrosion activity.
  • Prime metal before over-coating.
  • Prevention of corrosion.
  • Protect floors to prevent wear and damage.
  • Anti-slip coating when combined with aggregates, for use around high traffic areas.
  • Protection from acid splash or pooling. It will not allow acids to penetrate to affect the surface.
  • Encapsulate and seal lead-based paints, asbestos, or other hazardous materials.

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